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Partner with one of the fastest growing and best reviewed credit repair firms in the US and earn large profits! Join our affiliate program and take advantage of high conversion rates, high pay-outs, transparent trusted tracking, and a team to support your success.

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Denied Loan Applicants
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Denied Financing Applicants
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Earn up to 50%!

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Affiliate Program Overview

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    Our affiliate application is a very short process. We want you up and running as quickly as possible so you can make money and continue sending clients. Remember, our goal is to help you be successful.

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    Send new customers via an online form in your portal, via affiliate links on your website, via email and social media or have your customers complete a form on your own website. We will help you send clients by providing banners and special offers for you to promote. Each link has a specific link that lets us know that you referred that customer.


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    When your referrals arrive, they can find answers to their questions or become a client.

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    You Earn Your Commissions!

    For each person that signs up and pays their fee, you will earn commission after 30 days.