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Almost 80% of Americans have items reported incorrectly on their reports.
You don’t have to live with bad credit. Our simple program helps you repair your credit score.

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Our simple process and team of experts work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to resolve the negative items that affect your credit score.

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We understand that you have placed your trust in us. We are committed to quality, achieving results, and providing the absolute best client support.

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What is your credit costing you?

A fair or poor credit score could cost you thousands in interest over the lifetime of a loan!

Average Loan


Very Good

Credit Score

(740 – 799)


Credit Score

(580 – 669)

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We have successfully removed: Charge-offs, Collections, Late Payments, Inquiries, Repossessions, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Student Loans, Medical Bills, Errors and much more!

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Mobile friendly 24/7 customer portal helps us communicate and for you to track everything every step of the way.

Improve Your Credit and Your Life

Watch the negative items disappear and your credit score rise.  After you graduate the program, an optional Alumni program monitors your credit and protects you into the future.

Approvology is one of the fastest growing and best reviewed credit repair firms in the US.

Let us help you improve your life with better credit.

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  • Good credit is today’s necessity

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Let the experts do the credit repair

  • Access to all three credit reports and credit scores

  • Our Guarantee and Promise

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55 - 201 Points

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Average of Over 30% Increase*


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